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Satin Formal Party Wear White Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Maroon Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Black Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Royal Blue Shirt
Satin Formal Shirt Sky Blue color
Satin Formal Party Wear Grey Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Wine/Purple Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Peacock Blue Teal Blue Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Red Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Yellow Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Navy Blue Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Pista Mint Green Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Forest Green/Dark Green Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Dark Maroon Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Rust/Orange Shirt
Satin Formal Party Wear Light Grey Shirt
Geometrical Print Casual Shirt Blue color
Geometrical Print Casual Shirt Green Color
Geometrical Print Casual Shirt Light Blue
Geometrical Print Casual Shirt White color
Printed Formal Shirt Black color
Printed Formal Shirt Dark Green color
Printed Formal Shirt Maroon color
Printed Formal Shirt Navy Blue color
Self Stripes Formal Shirt Black color
Self Stripes Formal Shirt Light green color
Self Stripes Formal Shirt Light Blue color
Self Stripes Formal Shirt Light Pink color
Self Print Formal Shirt White color
Self Stripes Formal Shirt Wine color
Plain Textured Black Formal Shirt
Plain Textured White Formal Shirt
Plain Textured Wine Formal Shirt
Self checks Textured Formal Shirt Black color
Self Checks Textured Formal Shirt White color
Satin Half Formal Shirt Black Color

Formal Shirts For Men


When you wear formal clothes, you have to look good. Formal shirts for men are an essential part of formal wear. We keep adding new styles to our collection of men's dress shirts to give our customers new choices. Filo Hevis has formal shirts made from rayon, silk, rayon, cotton, satin, and nylon, among other high-quality materials. 

Formal shirts have long been a standard. We have the best formal shirts for men for every season and event, from a black-tie event to a job interview. As a man, you need a formal shirt for any event that requires a suit, like an interview or a black-tie dinner. Every man should have at least one formal shirt in his closet. They let you show off your style. The dress shirt has been an essential part of every man's outfit for a long time and can fit any style. 

These days, you can choose from many styles and fits. It can be hard for guys to find the right shirt. At Filo Hevis, you can find different types of collars, cuffs, and fits for men's shirts. This will help you choose the correct shirt. Three dress shirt sizes are available. Your dress shirt comes in standard, slim, and extra-slim fits. Men of ordinary or higher sizes should buy a regular-fit shirt online. These shirts are simple to breathe and feel comfortable in since the sides are straight. 

To impress, wear sophisticated shirts to work, but also carry some casual and party clothes. Enjoying this will make you look amazing. Now you can look great daily. 

An Unparalleled Selection of Modern Men's Shirts 

Our selection of men's shirts includes the following styles, each with its own set of distinguishing characteristics: 

Plain Shirts for Men:

Our men's simple shirts, made from premium cotton, are the epitome of style and comfort. They are available in calming hues, including white, peach, maroon, black, and navy blue. Our shop offers plain cotton formal shirts for men in every size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL), including even combinations. 

Urban Shirts for Men

Urban shirts for men are here to make a fashion statement. They're perfect for the contemporary city man. With their modern graphics and minimalist silhouettes, these shirts epitomize urban cool. 

Checks Shirts for Men: 

Shop our selection of men's check shirts and embrace the classic style of checkered patterns. Men may get hooded-check shirts, multi-check shirts, and small-check shirts in a rainbow of hues. 

Lining Shirts for Men: 

We have men's striped shirts in a rainbow of colours and patterns to help you choose the perfect one to complement your outfit. Every man who loves a good shirt may find something they love, from traditional stripes to modern designs. We offer every striped shirt style and colour in sizes S to 3XL. 

Formal Shirts for Men: 

Shop our selection of men's formal shirts to elevate your workwear. Made from high-quality materials, these shirts are ideal for the office because of the sophistication they convey. You can also check out our formal shirts for men white.

Satin Shirts for Men: 

Shop our selection of men's satin shirts to elevate any outfit. Due to their smooth and sophisticated design, these shirts are ideal for formal events and nighttime gatherings. 

Visit Filo Hevis to Discover the Ideal Men's Shirt for You 

We have men's shirts that are ideal for every event, whether you're going out on a date, to a business meeting, or just hanging out with friends. Our versatile selection will ensure you feel and look your best regardless of where your day takes you. 

Dress to Impress with One of Filo Hevis' Chic Shirts for Men 

Visit Filo Hevis to get a handpicked assortment of men's top-quality shirts. We take great pride in the unmatched quality and elegance of our men's fashionable shirts, hand-made with extreme care. Our selection offers various styles to accommodate every taste or event, from modern favourites to old standbys. Get the most out of your wardrobe upgrade with the finest men's shirts from Filo Hevis, known for their unparalleled comfort and style. 

Browse The Newest Selection of Men's Shirts Online

Try the ease of buying men's shirts online with Filo Hevis' extensive selection. You will always feel and look your best in one of our painstakingly made garments, designed with longevity and accuracy in mind. Made from premium materials, our reasonably priced men's shirt collection offers unmatched comfort and style. 

Discover Effortless Shirt Shopping for Men 

Filo Hevis provides a streamlined shopping experience with several advantages when you purchase the best formal shirts for men online. Whether you're looking for the ideal fit or the finest fabric, our shirts are tailor-made to suit you. Shopping for men's top shirts has never been easier than with our convenient payment methods and easy return policy. 

Filo Hevis: A Smart Way to Shop and Look Stylish

Visit Filo Hevis and get the pleasure of browsing for the best formal shirts for men in india. Shop the most remarkable men's shirts at unbelievable prices while enjoying free delivery, simple returns, safe payment options, and more. You can discover the perfect men's shirt from our extensive collection, which includes a wide range of colours, sizes, and designs. Check out our online store right now to get a wide selection of fashionable men's apparel.