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Article: Dress to Impress: Stand Out with Stylish Printed Shirts for Men

Dress to Impress Stand Out with Stylish Printed Shirts for Men, Printed Shirts for Men

Dress to Impress: Stand Out with Stylish Printed Shirts for Men

Men's printed shirts began to emerge after the Second World War and reached their peak during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. They evolved and adapted to new fashion trends, reaching the designs and combinations we see today.

One of the main factors in the success of printed shirts for men was that they eliminated the formal and severe touch of outfits and allowed people to create combinations that showed their personalities and tastes.

Iconic characters like Elvis Presley introduced prints to major fashion trends, such as Hawaiian shirts. Thus, they became the basics of any men's clothing and remain current throughout the generations.

A good wardrobe always has the exact pieces to create a good balance between classics and trends. In the field of dress shirts, this includes patterns and graphics that are beyond the simple but do not fall into the abyss of the hyper-avant-garde or fleeting. There are classic prints that cannot be missing in our closets.

Because? Because these mean a break from the monotony of our agenda. They are a fresh and encouraging respite from the haze of wearing a plain shirt daily, especially when getting ready to work.

The best casual printed shirt for men will not go out of style; They only renew themselves and try new styles. That is why it is essential to master their use and thus turn them into your allies, not enemies.

Rules for Wearing Men's Printed Shirts

The cotton printed shirts for men can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe, but they can also be a big mistake if you do not know how to combine them properly.

So that you do not fall into the most common mistakes regarding prints, here we mention some rules and considerations that you should not forget:

Take Care of The Colours.

It is expected to think that only the design and plot matter in prints, but this is not the case. The colours of the printed shirt for men full sleeve are also essential when constructing an outfit.

First, you want to ensure that the print's colours match your skin tone and not make you look pale or too saturated.

In addition, it is also essential to mention the basic rules of colour combination for clothing. For example, combine your printed shirt with unicolour pants and shoes, using harmonious tones under the chromatic scale.

Do not use very flashy accessories.

As mentioned, the best printed shirts for mens and accessories are vital elements in any outfit. Therefore, we must be careful when combining them and ensure they do not compete.

A good tip at this point is to keep the accessories small and discreet or not place them directly on the print. For example, if you wear a printed shirt, you can wear a watch or flashy socks, but avoid wearing a necklace or tie.

Mix Carefully

One of the golden rules when wearing a printed shirts for men half sleeve is to mix carefully.

Previously, this was a much stricter rule, which completely excluded any mixing, but new trends allow us to do it in a controlled way.

Some prints can be mixed without problems, especially with similar shades or small, discreet designs. However, combining a very colourful printed shirt or an extensive design pattern with plain, unicolour garments is always recommended.

The half-sleeve cotton printed shirts for men outfits that mix several types of prints tend to be very bold and not very discreet, so they are not recommended for special or formal occasions. To ensure that your look always remains sophisticated without becoming overloaded, it is always good to remember that less is more.

The Importance Of Fabric

Printed shirts, especially those that are very colourful and with complex patterns, are often prone to straying from formality and sophistication. It's common for the look to look too casual or cheap, especially when the garment is made of synthetic, rigid, or poorly finished fabrics.

To avoid this, you must choose your printed shirt at Filo Hevis based on the quality of the fabric, the cut, and the general style of the garment. Look for cotton or linen garments that demonstrate a well-kept and original summer look, where the print is an element that adds, not subtracts.

The best solution for these cases is to wear custom-made shirts, where you can choose the type of fabric, print, fit, and all the details that guarantee you achieve a ten-look.

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